fuck did you think was gonna happen?

No joke, I’m laughing at this so hard my cat is worried about me.

Cats also go after moving dangly bits.  Just in case you felt the cat jump up on the bed behind you while in the middle of something.  That can put a quick and definite end to the evening’s festivities.

…admittedly, Bast really didn’t like that boyfriend, and may have been looking for revenge for the first morning Bast jumped up on the bed and then over me to his usual morning-snuggle spot, only to land on Boyfriend’s nuts.  I think he held the howling that followed against the poor guy, or possibly against his nuts in particular.

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Some of the makorin/rinmako pencil sketches from my notebook and things I can’t say I’m proud of (NSFW - it escalates)

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ARTIST: Chihayafuru OST
SONG: Soshite Ima
ALBUM: Chihayafuru OST

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Like, it’s totally okay if you’re not equipped to handle the issues of race and racism and colonialism and all the fuckery that follows from white supremacy and your (hopefully unintentional) place benefiting from it.

I respect your right to not have the spoons to handle shit. I respect the wisdom to realize you don’t know shit and should probably sit back and learn instead of trying to come in guns blazing, trying to take over the conversation.

No one can have a stake on every fight. No one can take each fight personally.

But don’t fucking throw us under the bus. And don’t fucking barricade yourself against criticism by flaunting your oppression credentials. Being autistic or OCD or depressed is not a fucking free pass to be a goddamn bag of racist shit. Being gay or trans or bi or poly or asexual or whatever you identify with doesn’t mean you’re automatically excused from being called out if you decide to show your racist ass in public.

I don’t care how fucking oppressed you are.

You don’t fix your oppression by shitting on a different group.

There’s no identity you can claim that gives you a free pass to be racist.

Why is this so hard to fucking understand and why are white people so fucking quick to bring up their struggles when they get called out on this shit? No one’s denying your struggles, we’re just asking you to not add to ours, you fucking jerk.

i see i AM STRONG captain and such a cool loot

thank! C:

LIFESIZE TOWELS THO!! you get to wipe your ass with oikawa’s face :’)

O M G… i would literally die of embarrassment for so many reasons…

that top right envelope is a goodie bag from this lovely lady at comiket after boinguh and i split up to hunt down things relevant to us and i was lured in by these adorable lollipops. however i don’t speak or understand a lick of japanese (i only know random ass phrases from watching tons of anime but it’s not useful in the least) so we ended up flailing at each other until i spotted boinguh and grabbed her to help translate and i got this goodie bag for free b/c that’s what 無料配布 means ahahaha…

I watched Hoozuki no Reitetsu while abroad b/c of boinguh's sudden infatuation with the show and SHIRO IS THE CUTEST!! and now i have a shiro stamp so I can put him on EVERYTHINGGG

also a cassiali book by temariart, random porn that boinguh talked me into getting, and a coupla bl mangas (one by SHOOWA!!!)

i had so much trouble with getting yowapeda stuff cause i feel the same towards all the characters and not super strongly towards any so i got a whole bunch of random stuff?